Thermal Breaks

A curtain wall architectural system is an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, non-load bearing. Curtain wall systems are used when architects want to keep weather out, but also use lightweight, cost-saving materials. These systems typically use aluminum framing members, which are filled with glass. A key component of curtain wall systems is the thermal break. A thermal break is a small piece of extruded plastic whose purpose is to prevent interior metal from coming into contact with exterior metal, which prevents heat loss. Hi-Tech Extrusions has been manufacturing thermal breaks for curtain wall architecture for over 10 years. We can produce thermal breaks in PVC, TPO or co-extrusion.

Lens Covers for LED Lights

As the lighting industry moves towards more energy efficient and eco-friendly fixtures, Hi-Tech Extrusions has been an essential part of it. We manufacture 4-inch-wide poly-carbonate lens covers for LED lighting fixtures that are available in clear, frosted or smooth finishes. All of our lens covers are non-flammable and we use UL-approved materials. Our LED lens covers are ideal for commercial, military, and showroom applications.

Weather Seals

Hi-Tech Extrusions is an experienced manufacturer of extruded weather seals. For over 20 years, we have been producing mass volumes of PVC and TPO weather seals, up to 90,000 lbs. every 24 hours. We can custom design the packaging with the customer in mind, allowing for rapid implementation when the parts arrive to their manufacturing facility.

Garage Door Extrusions

Energy efficiency is always important when it comes to providing extrusion products such as garage door seals. Through the use of our bulk material inventory, our automated modern equipment, and 20 plus years in the industry, Hi-Tech Extrusions provides what it takes to fulfill our customers’ needs. Ask about our Vendor-Management Inventory (VMI) system so that your garage doors seals are always in stock.