Plastic Co-Extrusion Products

The Co-Extrusion Process; Two or more materials are combined into a single custom plastic profile. Co-extrusion is a versatile processing technology that allows you to create custom plastic profiles embodying different/multiple characteristics (e.g. flexible in certain areas and rigid in others). By combining materials together, it delivers a unique product with new and interesting characteristics. Co-extrusion will enable you to achieve physical properties that cannot otherwise be attained. The process can help you save money by reducing the amount, and ultimately the cost of including more expensive compounds in the mix; and by allowing you to recycle scrap material, therefore lessening the amount of waste. Co-extrusion is a useful manufacturing capability that’s good for your bottom line and good for the environment. Co-extruding is ideal when the requirements of a design cannot be satisfied by a single material.


We can create cross sectional dimensions up to 20” wide. Tolerances will vary based on material and


We can manufacture U-channels, J-Channels, T-Sections, H-Channels, C-Channels, and many more simple to complex large multiple


We manufacture extrusions in ABS, PC, PE, PP, HIPS, PVC, PETG, and TPE.

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The Plastics extrusion process is a high-volume manufacturing method in which raw

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Automated inventory reports are key to the success of our VMI program. The reports are


We specialize in close tolerance intricate profile extrusions as well as tubing, rods and